Lady Redskins Softball Team has High Hopes for Upcoming Season

The Rush Springs Lady Redskins softball team is beginning to prepare for the upcoming season, with high hopes in store.

“I have really high expectations for these girls,” Coach Josh Ingram said.

“I truly believe they should win districts in softball and basketball this year. If they don’t, they’re not going to meet the expectations.”

The Lady Redskins were a young team last season, going 10-17, with “ten really good wins,” according to Ingram.

This season, they return nearly their entire roster, and then some.

“We pretty much have everyone back, minus Kaylee White. We have a bunch of 9th graders coming in that will help out a bunch when it comes to personnel and just being able to move people around.”

The luxury of added bench depth to sub players in and out is huge for the Lady Redskins, having played much of last season with essentially nine players.

“When there’s only nine girls, and you know there’s no one that can start over you, you tend to get a little lazy if it’s not your priority because it’s, ‘I’m going to play no matter what. It doesn’t matter if I went 0-4 with 4 strikeouts and made three errors in the field. I’m still going to play tomorrow.’ So, having that depth, just being able to put someone else out there will hopefully increase that player competition between themselves and hopefully someone will want to fight for a spot,” Ingram said.

With highly valuable experience gained through last season and an increase of internal competition, the Lady Redskins are poised to make a successful run.

As Coach Ingram reiterated, “Their goal is to win a district championship.”

It is a lofty, but realistic expectation for the young team, who will soon embark on their journey to accomplish that goal.

The Lady Redskins will be playing on Mondays throughout the summer in the Marlow league before starting their regular season off with Central High on August 8.


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