Lt. Governor Pinnell Completes Coronation of Royalty

Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell was on hand Saturday to crown the Tiny Tot Winners and present them with the Little Mr. and Miss Rush Springs titles and do the final coronation of the 2022 Watermelon Queen.

The Lt. Governor was a great addition to our line-up, jumped right in, clapped for the Tiny Tot winners and was a pro pinning Taylor’s crown on.  

Although the day was hot, Taylor was everywhere Saturday, talking to visitors and hometown people as well.  Taylor walked the road to her coronation to the song, “I Love my Hometown.”

Little Mr. Rush Springs 2022 is Jude Caveny and Little Miss Rush Springs is Hayzel Sweat.

Jude is the son of Jason and Sara Caveny. Hayzel is the daughter of Cody and Kelli Sweat.

2nd place Tiny Tot winners were Ramsey Jones, daughter of Jerome and Regina Jones and Ezra Ballard, son of Daniel and Abby Ballard.

3rd place Tiny Tot winners were Logan Nye, daughter of Josh and Ashley Nye tied with Avalyn Hill, daughter of Lance and Britton Hill and J.T. Sweat, son of Cody and Kelli Sweat.


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