Redskins Found Bright Spots Last Week, Keep Striving for First Win

The Redskins will be off this week as they prepare to take on the Ringling Blue Devils next week. The Redskins, though winless, found some bright spots in the last half of their game against Mangum. 

The first half wasn’t pretty for the Redskins as they found themselves down 14-0 at halftime. The Redskins weren’t able to score in the first quarter after causing a Tiger turnover and then ended up punting although deep in Tiger territory.

After several exchanges of possession, the Tigers found the end zone with a trick play followed by a PAT. The Tigers were on the board with 7:44 left in the first half.

Penalties and errors plagued the Redskins. A holding call then a bad snap gave the Tigers the ball on the Redskins 30 yard line. The Tigers then scored again and kicked an extra point to put the Tigers ahead 14-0.

Additional missed opportunities for scoring, penalties and mistakes continued to haunt the Redskins. Fortunately, Justice Cooper intercepted a Tiger pass late in the half to stop the drive and the first half ended.

The Redskins came out of the locker room a completely different team. After kicking off to the Tigers, the Redskin defense took a strong stance and the Tigers turned the ball over on downs.

Ayden Stamper ran the ball well, as did Jacob Caveness to move the ball within scoring distance. Stamper finished the drive with a touchdown. Extra point attempt was no good. The Redskins now trailed 14-6 with 8:30 left in the 3rd quarter. 

The Redskins once again took a mighty stance and shut down the Tiger drive and forced another turnover on downs. The Redskins had the ball back with 4:10 left in the 3rd quarter. However, a fumble by the Redskins led to a quick score by the Tigers. The score was then 20-6 with 2:57 left in the 3rd quarter.

Once the Redskins took over on their own 40 after the kickoff, Caveness and Stamper once again marched the ball down-field and Wyat Foster was able to score. Caveness scored on the two-point conversion and the Redskins found themselves trailing by 8.

Unfortunately, the Tigers didn’t waste time scoring again, when Pride broke lose for a big run and score.  

Chris Crow took the kickoff return and the Redskins started from the 43 yard line. Crow and Caveness did most of the ball carrying this trip and Stamper scored for the Redskins. Caveness, again, capitalized on the two-point conversion and The Redskins kept moving in on the Tigers. 

The Tigers fumbled on the kickoff and Jayden Cooper recovered. The Redskins were able to once again capitalize and Stamper scored once again. With no two-point conversion, the Redskins were now tied with the Tigers 28-28 with 6:50 left in the game.

The Tigers scored and kicked a PAT with two minutes left in the game. The score was 35-28. 

The Redskins showed true grit and heart as they did not quit. Chris Crow took the return once again and the Redskins started on their own 39. A quick pass from Caveness to Foster was a 1st down for the Redskins on the Tiger 39. Stamper was tackled in the backfield and lost four yards to make it 2nd and 15 for the Redskins. Caveness was then tripped up and Coach Tim Beard called a time out with 1:16 left in the ballgame.

The Tigers were called for a face-mask and then a personal foul to put the ball on the Tiger three yard line with 28 seconds left.  False start by the Redskins cost them yardage. 

As time ticked off the clock, Caveness scored a touchdown, keeping the ball and running in himself.

The two point conversion wasn’t successful and the Redskins found themselves beat 35-34. 

The Redskins will host the Ringling Blue Devils Friday, September 23 at Lewis Field-Joe Tunnell Stadium as they begin district play.

The Blue Devils are currently ranked #1 in Oklahoma Class A. 


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