Cross Country Racing and Riding is Revving up in Rush Springs

Maybe you have driven south on Highway 81 and noticed what looks to be a dirt bike riding area on the east side of the highway. If that’s what you thought, you are exactly right.

Daniel and Angela Dyrcz are the owners of Danitek Track and Trails, 4749 Hwy 81 in Rush Springs. Daniel and Angela moved to their home just south of Rush Springs six years ago. They started building the track almost a year into their new residency. After riding in his first cross country race, Daniel decided he should build an area to ride and practice racing. Along with some great friends, that’s exactly what the Dyrcz family did.

Daniel grew up with his mom drag racing. She even raced when she was pregnant with him. So, to say racing is in his blood, is a true statement. Daniel’s dad had a shop where Daniel was always working and helping his dad mechanic.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Daniel joined the military and was stationed at Tinker Air Force Base for 12 years. That is what brought him to Oklahoma and how he met Angela. Angela spent most of her growing up years in Marlow. The land where they now live is family land, which makes the venue even more special.

Daniel was a mechanic in the military. After leaving the military life, it was only natural for him to continue on this career path. Angela continues to work as a State Farm Agent out of Midwest City in addition to being heavily involved in Danitek.  The Dyrcz also have two children. Annika is in the 1st grade and Dillon began pre-k this year.

Danitek Track and Trails hosted their first Oklahoma Cross Country Racing Association event. The OCCRA has 12 races per year. The OCCRA races are run over a variety of natural terrain courses. Some are tight wooded areas while others are more open with desert-like conditions. The various tracks test riding skills by offering rocks, trees, hills, open stretches, creek crossings, double jumps, mud, dust, roots, plus other natural and man-made obstacles. All of this diversity complements the diverse riders and keeps the circuit unique. 

The courses are anywhere from five to fifteen miles and are setup for both motorcycle and ATV racing. 

Currently the OCCRA is an organization of approximately 5,000.

Several weeks back, Danitek was called to host an OCCRA event. It was last minute due to an unavailable scheduled site. The Dyrcz had their track in great condition, so didn’t hesitate to take on this opportunity. Over the weekend of racing, there were 487 registered racers. 450 cars paid entrance to the track and there were 1,087 registered riding members here in Rush Springs.

The Danitek trail is not just what you see near the highway frontage. There is also an 8 mile track in the woods behind their home and shop.

Over the course of the weekend there were motorcycle races, ATV races and kid races. Although Daniel was hosting the event, he was also able to race in his division, where he placed 2nd. The Dyrcz’ daughter Annika also raced and placed 2nd in her division as well. 

Danitek Track and Trails is unique in that there is a dedicated motor-cross track for kids. This was of utmost importance to both Daniel and Angela when beginning construction of the track and trail. The kids track was the first thing completed. 

Cross country racing is a family environment. Danitek has an area for parents to watch their kids ride or jump in and ride with them. Danitek has hosted birthday parties for families who have kids who ride. There is a camping area available as well. 

Danitek is open to the public for anyone wanting to ride. 10 years old and under ride for $10.00 and $15.00 for the remainder of ages. Riders under the age of 18 must have signed releases from parent or guardian. Helmets are required as well.

The Dyrcz give praise and thanks to the many who helped them host their first OCCRA event and look forward to more in the future. They are also very thankful for the mentors and those who were always there to help and give advice.

Checkout their Facebook page and YouTube for course action!


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